6 WEEK Marriage Challenge

Do you want to learn HOW to have a GREAT marriage?

Are you jealous of others who seem to have really good marriages?

Have you been married more than 7 years?

Ever wonder what God says about marriage?

Have you read a self-help book on marriage?  Did it work?


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God, the best maker of all marriages, Combine your hearts into one.

William Shakespeare

Men and women can be best friends (if the rules are followed)
How following the rules brings peace
Listening is an art form (think music)
Love can last forever (really)
Your mind is your worst enemy ~ not your spouse
The marriage made in Heaven had problems! (Genesis 1)
What you don’t know is hurting you
How men really want to lead
Your both right (always)
You were designed by God for marriage
The seven principles found in every marriage
Why your willingness to fight is very important
The secret of how a woman’s mind works
The genealogy of your marriage is perfect
Laughing is good and bad
There are some rules you should never break
The three secrets to solving any problem (THAT WORK EVERY TIME)
Men are like rocks with eyes
Three most important values in marriage
Why men are so silent
Intimacy is not sex
As the conversation goes, so goes the marriage
Some of the rules are different for men and women
You have the skills inside you; learn how to draw them out
How to get your spouse to really listen to you
How to meet your spouse’s needs and they won’t even know it
This class will be fun, informative, and busy!
You will have the chance to practice what you are learning too!

As with all challenges, YOU ONLY RETAIN WHAT YOU PRACTICE. Each class will consist of 2 hours of learning, discussion, and opportunities to practice! There will be unique homework activities to bring marriage-enhancing habits into your everyday lives. You will LEARN THINGS YOU HAVE NEVER LEARNED BEFORE and will attain the skills to become A MASTER OF THE ART OF MARRIAGE!

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6 Week Marriage Challenge

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6 week marriage challenge
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Marriage is one of the most powerful relationships we have. Marriage is a sacred contract[ This word needs changed] that is made to another person.

The way we think and feel about marriage has many origins. We learn about marriage from the family that raised us, the social system we live in, and the world around us. Our education system and the religious system that we are exposed to also have huge influences on the way we view marriage.

Early imprints about intimate relationships are planted in the developing brain that we use as a basis for our marriage relationships. These are not easy things to discover, because they are hiding in our subconscious minds and require great care in fettering them out.

This is important is because we are living a life based on how we experienced intimate relationships as a child. The brain uses what it has experienced in the early development as a basis for what it needs as an adult. The love that we experienced in those years is the love that we project onto the current relationship.

It’s okay to think this isn’t true. It’s okay to think that relationships are just about choosing and thinking. But it’s also okay to recognize that your view of marriage is your own choice. We can show, however, that what you experienced early on in brain development and actually what you are choosing to believe about marriage right now is directly related to those early years.

Because this is true, then we can begin to have more thoughtful insights about what we do believe about marriage. This insight comes from a brief investigational look what we did experience.

The point I want to make here is that the majority of us do not decide how we feel about relationships for marriage. What happens is that we are taught we experience and then we relive those old experiences in our current relationship.

Simply, you are not who you choose to be right now.

You do not come to the married relationship without the baggage of your mom and dad or your family history for your past experiences. Your not choosing how you feel about marriage, You’re not choosing what you really want in a marriage, you’re only repeating some deep-seated thought patterns and emotional structures that we’re gifted to you by your early experiences.

Very few of us come to a marriage aware of these influences on marriage.

Marriage is about what you bring to the marriage. in other words, the marriage relationship more about you and your past than you think.

Marriage is hard work. Marriage takes effort. Marriage takes learning. Marriage is two individuals bringing in their family histories together to make their marriage work!

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you have.

The reason that is important is because life transformation changes marriages more than anything else.

We will look at the ways we have learned about relationships and how what we learned affects us in every area of our life. And particular we will talk about culture, parenting, current social networks, current industrial age, police systems, and historical social needs have influenced the way that we think about marriage.

I’m going to start upfront by stating I don’t like the word compromise. Never found it to be a valuable word in marriage relationships because compromise seems to be link to the word lose. No one likes to loose.

There’re so many relationships are going well in our world I found astounding. Out of all the relationships I’ve worked with they have some basic common threads in all of them.

I run cross a few relationships that seemed to work, that never actually came to me for help. Byron and those relationships I’m curious and ask really good questions. But I discovered is they have followed some rules that make it work for them. But in most of those relationships but they do won’t working every single relationship. That’s why just kind of material is difficult right because the way we approach marriages is so individualistic.

Do you think of the person that you’re in a relationship with really wants to argue with you all the time? Do you think that the person that you married wanted the marriage to turn out this way? Are you kind of person that feels like you’re more important than the other person in the relationship with you? Have you decided that things were your way the relationship would be so much better?

Mary wasn’t exactly the most beautiful young lady in the world. Mary was nice-looking, tall, a little under no rounded side in body structure. Check great smile, spent at tonic time take care of her mother and volunteering in the community at social events.. Mary has this wonderful way of making everyone else feel great and was seldom found not Busy doing something for someone else. Planet marry she was at the end of her rope. Young man’s yet married, after they had two girls and a boy, had decided three was definitely done with the relationship. Committed to the relationship he Felt so alone.

He was an accountant and his years became light alone closer to the end of summer. Obviously the end of year and tax time was difficult for him. Merry didn’t work, choosing to spend her time with the children then being active in their school. When I saw them the children were nine, 12 and 16. Finances without issue however her family had money and that became a draw as life became difficult. She began to entertain the idea that leaving him would be financially stable if she relied on her family for a while.

The way that Mary came into my world what’s interesting to me. She never seen a therapist or a relationship coach.

It’s hard to describe exactly what love is. The emotional connection that happens can only be experienced. It’s many different things two different people. It’s unique in the eyes of the individuals that are in love. That is why you can only be experienced. When two people are in love they expres

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6 Week Marriage Challenge

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6 week marriage challenge
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