Daniel C Clark
Daniel C ClarkCoach / Counselor
Dan has been working as a counselor and coach since 2005. His experience has helped him develop a depth of understanding of the human condition. He loves fully, and shared openly his life and his struggles in a very real way!

This Three Hour Class is packed with life basics

Amazing people have amazing communication skills

To be an amazing communicator, it takes awareness of self, others, the context or situation, and an commitment to following simple guidelines. These skills can be learned by anyone. Being able to become in the moment and fully present creates an atmosphere of connection and understanding. These emotional and communication tools are learned with practice and self awareness exercises.


Learn how to LIVE a LIFE that is SATISFYING

Being happier is about the inside you. The EXPERIENTIAL way of learning is how change happens faster and is more permanent.

Learn New Communication Skills

Being able to communicate where you feel understood and heard

Self Awareness

Being self aware is not seeing your self through your eyes, it is seeing how someone else sees you.  A hair dresser can not cut their own hair. We can not see our selves accurately. This is a learned skills and has fantastic benefits.

Three Truths

There are three truths that are always true. These three truths, when understood and practiced, move every relationship toward more open and vulnerable communication.

Being Heard

Learn how to get ANYONE to truly hear you. This skill isn’t easy, but mastering this one can bring to anyone a level of confidence and improve their life and career.

One Way Conversation

Getting your point across isn’t about how loud you are, how silent they are, or how much your “explain” it to them.  A one way conversation skill moves the communication to a whole new level of being heard. (not what you think it is)

Explore! You will love it.

Learning does not have to be hard, it only has to be consistent. The way you wake up in morning, the daily routine you have is more important than you think.