Welcome to Transformed Life: Living Life To The Fullest!
This is an amazing time we live in. Never before have we had the knowledge that allows anyone to choose to become the best person they could ever be. We all have the potential for amazing change – to become the person we have always dreamed we would love to be. With the current knowledge and understanding we have about the mind, body and spirit, applying these truths from a biblical foundation gives new insight into the process of change. Our current culture isn’t much different from cultures in ancient history. Consumerism, class wars, politics, religion and power (and others) influence the way we view and live our lives. Yet getting more things and having more never brings the satisfaction we truly are seeking.

The sense that we are not happy, that life is not going well, and to wish for things to be different is why you are here. Yearning for the simpler life is what many of us want. We desire to go back to the way life was, yet we often miss how life could be if we were more engaged and alive!

This class is based on principles that create the feeling of being alive and well in life. Something we all want. These truths are transformational because they work every single time. Circumstances don’t change us, they reveal to us who we really are. When we are bound by the circumstances of our life, we are not living life to the fullest. Our dream is for you to have a glimpse of the life you want to live, and to learn basic tools for this life long journey of transformation.