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Determined to Change – with  a Focused Life!

What’s your future look like?


I mean really, what does you life look like in 5 or 10 years.


While working with a business owner on transformation

he stated to his time that the only difference between where their

company was today and five years ago was the shirts they wear!


He was done doing things differently and getting the same results.

He was done trying things that didn’t work and getting poor or no results.


He said to his team, that “today we are changing everything we do, everything!”


In just a few short months his team has learned and are beginning

the path to changing the way they do business.


It isn’t something that is easy. The team has seen this man move from being

complacent and unteachable to an man who was noticeably different.

Yet they couldn’t put words to the change. He was just “changing” in a good way. A great way!


He was always a man of integrity, of work ethic, of taking his business seriously.

It wasn’t until he got serous about personal change first, that he could even

think of changing his business.


One year later, he is now totally focused on being the man, the business owner,

and team leader that he knew he could be.


This changed man has spent the last 12 months learning principles that have

contributed to those changes. He has been spending time learning, reading ,

and getting honest feedback about what is working and not working in the way he

thinks about the world.


I have experienced this very same change. About 8 years ago I was at the very bottom.

I have come to the end of my rope.  I had graduated from grad school with a masters

degree. I was working full time and part time, yet I was so dissatisfied with life.


When I was faced with a crisis, I broke. I knew, once and for all, that I could no longer

allow my self to be the old man, and I needed to change. With the depression,

the anger, the sadness, and all the other things that life throws at you was knocking

at my door, I decided to head back to the only thing I knew.


Stubbornness is so strong in my life, and has always been. On that day I knew I couldn’t

go an further, my wife and I spend the entire day talking about life the way I have never

talked to her before. I was open, honest, transparent, and very real.  I was done being fake.

I headed back to counseling, because I didn’t know what else to do. I emptied my heart,

and found a depth of hurt and badness in my life I did not know that existed.  It was bad.

I was a mess.


My wise counselor had me focus on two things. What God was telling me in my heart

was true, and what I really needed was to learn how to follow principles and rules that worked.


Two years later my wife said to me, “I don’t even know who you are any more” as we

lay in bed next to each other.  She was stating a fact that has now continued to this day. 

I have continued the path of change and renewing by becoming a “life long learner.”


That was 6 years ago.  Today, I have seen hundreds of couples, men, and women use

the same principles that I learned. These same people have changed the same way I have change.


That is what this business owner was telling me.


He too, after learning and following these simple rules, has changed. It was evident to all

those who were around him. This change was not something he had just hoped for,

wanted, and dreamed about. It was change was self evident.


As a personal coach, and a therapist, I have seen these principles work in every situation

I have been seen. 


That is why, I believe, that my private practice is thriving.  It’s because these principles work.


You can learn more about these principles on my website, at


I have written material that I have been teaching for the past 5 years. This material included the

6 Week Marriage Challenge, Freeing Me ( a women’s class about change) and

The Transformed Life ( a series God gave me one Sunday morning in church).


Now I want to offer a combination of this material called The Focused Life. This class will use

the principles I have learned and been teaching that I have seen been very successful. 


This class will contain the principles and rules that work.  These rules and principles are

simple and easy to follow. They are so simple that if you follow them, they seem silly and even dumb.

You don’t have to believe them, you just have to do them, and you change. It’s amazing how they work.


If you want to learn more about these principles and rules, visit my website


A major factor in my change has been committing to a year long change program.

Now, no one likes a year long class or program. However, when someone allows me to

coach them at a minimum of one year, I have seen change that is permanent and observable. 

It takes about a year for the brain to really have a new pattern in place, and it takes two years

for that pattern to be permanent.


The Focused Life will be a class that is consists of four elements.


1: The Brain and It’s function in change.


2.  What’s preventing you from going forward.


3.  Steps to move forward – with hand outs to help you retain what you learn.


4.  The skill of accountability.


I have been telling people that  I have spent $10,000 on personal development each year

for the past five years. That has been one chunk of money.


We did our best to pay bills, but I was totally sold on the fact that unless I learned how to be

a different person, I wasn’t going to change.


That $10,000 seems like a lot of money.  Not so. To hear my wife tell me that

she “has no idea who I am” on that wonderful summer night, that has been worth it all.

You see, I was a jerk, an angry man. I was arrogant, and proud. I thought I the world owed

me a living and that I was king.


Not so. I became dedicated to learning and and relearning the things I was needed to

learn. I hired a personal coach, and we spent hours talking about the way my mind worked and

how I needed to change it. 


I spend hours of listening to DVD series on change. I purchased $5,000 of DVD and over

$2,000 in books in the past five years. I have attended seminars that cost $1,000s of dollars

and met some amazing people at these seminars.  


You see, I don’t want TV. I don’t watch the news. I don’t read the newspaper. I don’t read

books or magazines that don’t help me head the direction that I believe that God has

laid out before me. 


One small correction. I do watch an occasional movie or the History channel to wind down..


I learned that in order to become a new man, I needed a new brain.


That is what this business owner was telling his team. He was telling them that he had a

new brain, and he was going to use that new brain to change the company he owned.


Since you have structure of the class, let me tell you the material will be covering class. 

If you would like to see more information on any of this, please go to my website.


I will be presenting a principle and an truth that is foundational to the way the mind works and

how change happens.  All of these principles are the same ones I learned and have used to help

hundreds of individuals change.


Part of the class will be time of working on the material presented. This is the most

important time of the class, because it will give you time to write about and even talk about to

others in the class about what you are learning. 


The class will last 4 hours.


I hope you are as excited as I am about this class.


It excites me, it makes me feel God is moving in you, when I think about experiencing

these kind of changes in your life.


The cost of this first introductory class is “FREE”


Well we will have lunch but we will share the cost of lunch!


I want to show you how you can, in the next year, change where you are to be where you want to be. I want to introduce you to thoughts and ideas that can change how you approach every area of life. These thoughts and ideas are not skills for making you a better Sales person, or a better spouse. These skills are to make you a better – well a different person – which in turn will make you more effective in everything you do!


What I do know is that if you’re serious about change, this is the class for YOU!

If you would like to receive more information about this class,  please fill out this simple form.