For the next week I would like you to listen to this audio. If you click on the link it will down load to you computer to your download file.

This 10 min mediation is best done when you are just getting up early in the morning or when you are getting ready to go to bed. Listen to it with head phones or ear phones. Close your eyes an listen to the words. Visualize them as true. Drop into your heart area in your body, breath sloowly and deeply and feel the words.

I will assign this work sheet to you one week from today so you an journal your experience.  You can journal every here if you like. Either way, take note of the things you are thinking and the things you are feeling.  We sense, or seem to know, sometimes things that we do not feel. If that happens, write what you are sensing.

I will send you a follow up worksheet in about a week.