This 10 Minute mediation is for seeing yourself in a new way. Giving yourself over to your new self includes releasing the past.


Everyone has a preference for when to meditate. When you first wake up is best before you get busy. Your mind needs to be receptive to receive. Make sure you are not going to be bothered by anyone, use headphones, and sit in a chair. Sitting keeps your mind alert. Avoid laying down. Take a few deep breaths before you begin. These are short, so you MUST prepare for the meditation or it will be over before it starts. Stretch the body, wear a blindfold if one is available, and take off glasses and watches. Follow the words closely and listen to each one. Actively participate in the meditation by following the words and thinking in line with the words.

When you are done, you are done. Repetitive listening works.

Here is a disclaimer. If you want to get the most out of meditation, you should be working toward a longer time. 20 mins, just like exercise, is the best length. Since you are a beginner these are an excellent place to start.

Additional meditations of longer lengths are available.

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Meditation 1 - Your Future Self

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10 Min meditation by Daniel Clark
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