Your Amazing Mind

In this Masterclass, You Will Discover:

  • The Mind is Amazing! You will learn how to unlock and “discover” the hidden power inside you.
  • The unknown and unpredictable are opportunities for reframing and rethinking with “clarity.”
  • How the “uniqueness” of your character and Mind are Powerful Assets that must be developed.
  • How a poem written in 1888 can help you get unstuck and move you to a place of power and focus.
  • Why is your current style “n’t working”? How can you get all the support you need in the future?
  • “Positive Psychologists” avoid this truth, as it flies in the face of logical thinking.
  • A shocking and easy-to-do shift that “unleashes” the creative energy inside you.
  • How the simple skill of emotional awareness propels you into happiness and joy.
  • The reality between goals and crippling self-doubt: here’s how to disentangle yourself so you can LIVE a spectacular life of joy.
  • Gratitude practices often miss this “powerful ingredient,” and how you’ll never experience the transformation or deep connection you desire without it.
  • How to re-frame and re-label unexpected obstacles as awesome opportunities for adventure and respond creatively no matter how bad things might seem.
  • An electrifying shift in perspective that awakens the fortune hunter inside of you. Watch in amazement as you magnetically attract all the people, resources, and luck you need to win the game of life.
  • And so much more
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    Rewiring Your Amazing Brain

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    Learning the skill of Extreme Resilience
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Learning the skill of Extreme Resilience

80% of retention in learning is directly related to filling out and using workbooks. This masterclass uses technology and systems to surpass the 20% learning curve and help you retain and excel in rewiring your mind. I highly recommend that you come prepared to work and remember “TRANSFORM.

Your Mind is your most valuable Life Asset
This master class will provide you with life tools for your
Brain so you can have success in your LIFE

Dan Clark, MSW Life Coach